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Follow these instructions to install Psychosynth if you are using Ubuntu or any other derivative (like Trisquel GNU/Linux).

These packages have been tested in Ubuntu Lucid (10.04), Ubuntu Maverick (10.10), Ubuntu Natty (11.04) and Ubuntu Oneiric (11.10), as well as other older releases not covered in this PPA.

Please note that since Maverick, the Ubuntu kernel comes without OSS support, so only ALSA or JACK output are supported. See the Troubleshooting section below.

These packages are maintained by Aleksander Morgado.

Easy setup

$> sudo apt-add-repository ppa:gnu-psychosynth-team/ppa
$> sudo apt-get update
$> sudo apt-get install psychosynth-gui psychosynth-samples 

Manual setup

In case you maintain manually your sources.list, here you have the detailed manual setup instructions. More information can be found in the GNU Psychosynth PPA webpage.

deb https://launchpad.net/~gnu-psychosynth-team/+archive/ppa lucid main
deb-src https://launchpad.net/~gnu-psychosynth-team/+archive/ppa lucid main

Where it says lucid you may also write a later version of the Ubuntu distribution (e.g maverick). You may need to tell apt to accept those repos without issuing a warning when running apt-get update. For that, you can just do the following for each warned key:

$> gpg --keyserver subkeys.pgp.net --recv 4A3B72F02ADA7053
$> gpg --export --armor 4A3B72F02ADA7053 | sudo apt-key add - 

Once you run sudo apt-get update, install the packages:

$> sudo apt-get update
$> sudo apt-get install psychosynth-gui psychosynth-samples 


1. Sound comes terribly delayed (up to 30s)

NOTE: This issue is solved in Psychosynth 0.3.0

If you have ALSA configured in Settings->Audio->Output and you get the audio veeeery delayed, then try to use another Alsa device instead of the 'default' one, like 'hw:0,0':

$> psynth3d -o alsa --alsa-device hw:0,0

If no sound yet, try to use JACK output in Settings->Audio->Output:

$> sudo apt-get install jackd
$> jackd -d alsa &
$> psynth3d -o jack