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Latest version

The latest version of this software is Psychosynth 0.3.0. Be warned that the project is still on alpha stage, and is not ready for a production environment. It can be downloaded in the following formats.

Source packages

With the source tarballs you will get the source code of the program that you will have to compile in your own machine. To learn how to compile the program you may follow the installation guide.

Binary distributions

The binary distributions are ready to be installed in a concrete architecture or system. Note that Psychosynth may be already in the official repository of your distribution, also, some of these binary packages might be obsolete. Here we only list our own packages or some done by contributors.


Debian GNU/Linux

  • New DEB packages for Debian Squeeze (and maybe Sid) can be found here. They where backported from Ubuntu Lucid. Thanks to Federico Briata.
  • Debian Repository. Old unofficial packages from 2008.


  • RPM packages for OpenSuse can be found here. Thanks to Tony Graffy.

Development version

If you want to check the current project state or you are a developer and want to put your hands in the code, you can get the latest development version by executing:

git clone git://

This will download the source code. To compile and install the program you can follow this installation guide. If you just want to take a look, you can also browse the source online, or if you prefer, take a look at the Github mirror.