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Name Description Link Date
psynth3d 0.1.1 Video showing the new features in Psychosynth 0.1.1 with some loops made by Shaker08. Online Online Youtube Download OGG April 2008
Leynar test Video recorded by Leynar where he plays with newer synthesis object and with a very fancy feature: networked synthesis sessions. Online Youtube Febrary 2008
Test 2 Video showing dynamic patching and some simple sounth synthesis elements. Download OGG Online Online Youtube November 2007
Test 1 First development test showing the first steps with Ogre. Download OGG August 2007


Preview Description Date
Psynth2.png Screenshot showing the new info window, the menu tooltips and the new sample synthesis object. The atmosphere sample was generated with this patch. March 2008
Screenshot-01.png Screenshot where you can see the new real time wave visualization. March 2008
Screenshot-psychosynth3d.png An empty table. October 2008
Screenshot-psychosynth3d-1.png The Object Selector window, and a Sine block - sine wave oscilator. October 2008
Screenshot-psychosynth3d-2.png A slightly more complicated set of blocks and the Properties window. October 2008
Screenshot-psychosynth3d-3.png Simple patch ready to record. October 2008
Screenshot-psychosynth3d-4.png The Network Connection window. October 2008
Screenshot-psychosynth3d-config.png The Settings window, where you can set most preferences. October 2008


Name Description Link Date
Atmosphere Some weird atmospheric sounds generated with samples, oscillators and LFOs. Here you can see a screenshot of this patch. Download OGG March 2008
LFO rhythm A very symple rhythm pattern made only with LFOs. It only uses one oscillator but it sound is not so flat... imagine what can you do with dozens of them ;). You can check a screenshot of the patch here. Download OGG January 2008