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What Happened to the Original PsychoSynth Project?

The original Psychosynth project aimed to create an interactive modular soft-synth inspired by the ideas of the Reactable. They tried to provide a clean object oriented API to allow the creation of new innovative interfaces for the synthetizer and a 3D simulator of a Reactable-like device with support for collaborative music creation over the internet.

The main goal was to create a free software alternative to allow newbies, developers and professionals explore new ways of making music. It was also important to build a comunity to ease the communication between the software developers and electronic music makers, who could provide insightful ideas on how to turn new experimental features into usefull and creative tools.

You can still visit the project GitHub if you’re interested in using it.

What did the Original PsychoSynth package provide?

  • libpsynth: This is a powerful C++ library for the building of synthesis software. It provides, among other things: abstraction over the audio devices of the system, basic audio synthesis classes (oscillators, filters, etc.), a system of connectable synthesis modules with a generic API, classes for the development of interactive synthesizers with features such as automatic module linking, MVC and facade layers, classes for the synchronization of synths over the network using OSC, a framework for easy application creation, etcetera.
  • psynth3d: An interactive synth with an look similar to the Reactable’s and a 3D interface which makes use of all the power of libpsynth.
  • psynth: A command line version of the synth that can be used as OSC server or client with low resource usage.

Take into account that Psychosynth is still under development and will increase its functionality so soon ther will be new client, for example, based on Reactivision.

Who may be interested in the original PsychoSynth?

The Psychosynth project may be interesting in many contexts. Some of the potential users may be:

  • Electronic music composers who want to experiment with systems that allow improvisation in live performances or try the advantages of collaborative networked music making.
  • DJs willing to improve their sessions by showing visually in an attractive way how to mix the tracks, with a higher grade of freedom when applying effects and adding creativity.
  • Developers interested in writing modular synthesizers, specially interactive software or with the ability to work over the network.
  • Psychosynth may have many other uses. For example, its ease of use and its modular nature may turn it into a great didactic tool to explain the physical fundamentals of sound.

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